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Why Us? A Different Approach For Landlords


Landlord Service

It is often the complaint of Landlords that once an agent has a tenant in place in their property that they don’t really see what they do for the monthly management fee after that. Poor communication, no inspection reports, late payment of rent, damaged property, not enough deposit recovered... the list goes on!

At Turpie & Co we look after large portfolios of rental properties for clients and understand what Landlords need and expect in terms of service.

Some of the things that separate us from the main stream letting agents are as follows:

Landlord Log-in

Whether you are a seller or a landlord, you will be assigned a unique Username and Password to access your own property file via our website providing instant ‘real time’ data at a time when it suits you.

Your online file will provide up to date information on such activities like, viewers feedback, enquiries received, brochures mailed out etc showing total transparency in every activity we carry out on your behalf.

Try me.


How many photographs have you seen in property schedules of a radiator, or a window, or a toilet and wondered why anyone would include them in a brochure to promote a property?

What does this type of photograph tell you about the house for rent?

What does this type of photograph tell you about the person taking them?

Many letting agents take poor quality photographs that don’t show your property to the best potential for attracting prospective tenants.

All of our photographs are taken using professional camera equipment with wide angle lenses that maximise the field of view and capture a more realistic representation of the subject.

Company let - Corporate exposure for your investment property

A high number of our clients’ properties are let to private clients however many companies need long and short term leases for relocating employees, contract staff etc.

We prepare and send a list of available rental properties to specific companies we know might suit and look to secure and build long term relationships with them.

Guaranteed rental programme

In some cases we can offer a 3 year guaranteed rent program whereby landlords can plan or purchase without risk knowing that their investment income is guaranteed. This program is not available in all geographical areas and not suitable for some properties but please contact our office if this is of interest to you.

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